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Rick Dawson’s Deed Grabber System- Gold Mine, or Scam?

By Olliver Kennedy

So, you’ve probably run across Rick Dawson’s Deed Grabber website, but before you investigate further, want to make sure you’re not being taken for a ride. After all, there’s been a rash of infomercials and websites recently telling you how you can make huge amounts of cash investing in tax liens and deeds at the tax sale the county holds for tax delinquent property once or twice a year. You’ve got John Beck’s “free and clear” program, recently revealed as a scam on Inside Edition; we’ve got the ever famous Carleton Sheets program about the mortgage foreclosure business (too competitive for me); you may even have run across John Bosch and his “Land Profit Formula” and others who have recently popped up offering systems that sound way too good to be true. I can’t say one way or another if those systems are scams- don’t know enough about those guys or their systems. But I can vouch for Rick Dawson, and his Deed Grabber system.

I first read “Go Ahead, Be A Deedgrabber” a few years ago, and had some more advanced questions that Rick’s book didn’t cover. I figured he’d be hard to reach, but I decided what the hey, and fired off an email with my questions anyway. I couldn’t believe how quickly he got back to me, and the depth of the answers to my questions (he has since added a section to the end of his book that covers those questions, also). We ended up emailing back and forth a bunch of times, and he’s been an invaluable resource for me (as I seem to constantly be two steps behind whatever new things he’s on to!). I’ve also taken several of his online courses. In the real estate business, there’s just no substitute for learning this stuff from the guys who have actually made a killing doing it.

You’ve probably already been to the website, but if not, here’s a brief synopsis of what being a “deed grabber” means. Basically, it’s a technique for getting tax-delinquent properties without attending the auctions and bidding against other public bidders, by contacting the owners of the property just before they’re about to lose the property. This is a unique subset of people highly motivated to sell, and for very little. Currently few people know about this technique, so it’s a great one to get into now, while it’s hot. It’s not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme, but it is a “Get Rich Without Working a 9-5” system that will work for you if you’re willing to follow Rick’s system.

Go to for a free deedgrabbing mini-course.


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