Never Get A Job

Time to liberate yourself.


“Never get a job.” The words sound ludicrous. The vast majority of us are conditioned from birth to believe that childhood culminates in us graduating from high school or college and landing the first in what is, hopefully, a short line of jobs that will lead us up through middle management into a nice, secure position with a corner office and a gold watch upon our retirement at the ripe old age of 65 (how laughable is “65″ and “old” in the same sentence these days?) followed by many golden years of crocheting and golfing and grandchildren. And the vast majority of us will take that route.

But a lucky few, whether it be by accident or by finding themselves in the “unlucky” position of being unemployed for an extended period of time, will stumble upon a different reality. The fact that you’re even reading this article right now is one of those “accidents”, especially if you’re one of the ones finding yourself in that unlucky period of extended unemployment. If that’s you, admit it: the financial uncertainty sucks, but you have been LOVING not dealing with some asshole boss, annoying co-workers, and all the bullshit drama that came along with EVERY job you’ve EVER had. (Ok, except maybe that awesome gig at Ben and Jerry’s during college. I know that you guys sat around eating the candy out of all the ice cream!) And if it’s not you– if you’re the person for whom the above annoyances are a daily fact of life– all the worse. No matter which category you fall into, the truth inside of you is that you are tired as hell of that life and are wondering if you can get the hell out of there and pursue something that will allow you to live your life the way YOU want to live it.

You can.

You can; I’m giving you permission, right here and right now. Who am I? Someone who has been employed for a grand total of 1 year since age 18. Maybe it was my upbringing; my parents never talked about money, we kids weren’t allowed to know much about it, and we never had to worry about it. We knew we were expected to go to college, but there was never much coaching as to future career paths. It wasn’t something discussed much. And so when I went off to college, I really had no idea what I wanted to end up doing. But what did develop in me over the next several years, as I watched some of my closest friends go down the lifepath I outlined in the first paragraph of this article, was a burning desire to break free of that cookie-cutter existence. They seemed happy with it, but I knew I couldn’t be.

Freedom: that was the name of the game. There was no particular career I wanted…

I wanted freedom.

So, I decided then and there that working for someone else just wasn’t for me.

If you’re feeling that stirring inside of you, like you have had enough of the B.S. life that someone else planned out for you, or that you planned out for yourself eons ago when you had no clue who you were and what you wanted, you need to pay attention to it. Because you know what? YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ANYMORE. And every second you spend continuing to go to the job that is sucking the life out of you is one more second closer you are to the grave.

Now, I understand that people have obligations- kids, mortgages, debt, etc., and that most people can’t just get up and walk away from their job unless they are unafraid of the consequences. But if you aren’t spending every waking minute moving from the lot in life you’re currently stuck in to a place where you are the master of your own destiny, then just forget it. You’re screwing over your kids by never allowing them to have the chance to know the real, unbound you, you’re screwing your spouse out of a life full of excitement and growth, and worst of all, you’re screwing yourself, because you’re the one who has to get up every day and go to a job where your colleagues are morons, your boss is a condescending jerk, and you are a cog in a machine that, at the end of the day, is completely. And totally.


Ok, maybe the above is a bit harsh- but truthfully, it’s almost worse if your boss and colleagues are A-OK. It’s an excuse for you to check out and drift through life asleep.

I’m here to attempt to wake you up. If you don’t see things my way, that’s fine with me- close down my blog, and never read it again. I’m not trying to appeal to a wide audience with anything I have said or will say in any of my articles. But if what I’m saying is speaking to YOU… you know it, right now, as you’re reading these words. As the saying goes, “There are many paths to God.” If you’re not the religious type (or even if you are), what this means is, there are a whole lot of ways of getting through to a person, but it’s usually the way one person says one thing that finally makes it click.
Thinking about chucking your 9-5, and making your own way financially almost definitely brings up one question: can I do it? The answer is YES. ANYONE who is willing to work hard and really wants to quit their job can make their own way financially. Perhaps a better question to ask would be: Can I make a lot of money doing it? The answer is… yes, if you’re smart about it.

The internet is absolutely filled, saturated, overflowing with garbage on the topic of making money. 99% of blogs and articles you stumble across in your endeavor to find information on how to liberate yourself will be trying to sell you something of zero value to anyone, much less you. Most “systems” that claim they will make you rich are scams. Don’t buy them; you know better. That being said, I want to be upfront with you: I am going to sell you stuff that will help you. I am going to direct you to products and information that will actually be of value to you. I am not a saint sitting high on a hill chanting “OM” and looking for how I can help others become rich while I languish in noble poverty. I make commissions on the products I promote and that is part of the way I make my living. I also run two other businesses and have too many other streams of income to list off here- but you can bet I’ll be blogging about all of them here, because HINT: YOU CAN DO ALL OF THEM TOO.

I will make a promise though, right here, right now. 2 promises. Firstly, this is a blog, not an advertisement. My goal is to provide content for readers, and products that will help them with ideas they can develop out of that content- not the other way around. If an article is centered around a product, it’s because that is something I believe will provide a great opportunity for working for yourself (and hopefully, making lots of money). And secondly, lastly, and most importantly: I will never hawk any kind of get-rich-quick, bullshit scam.


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